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Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Dancer Man

Oops....This falls under the catgory of how did I get into this....Originally Trinity was going to only go to a local competetion here in Sydney but after Christmas her teacher decided she was needing more challange and moved her up into the higher grade level. This is all well and good, exciting to see her doing so well, the catch she is now going to Halifax for 4 days to compete at dance competition. This is a great opportunity for her so I'm all supportive. Here's where the oops comes in, she comes home with the notice that she is invited to an extra dance performance for the show but she needs to have a parent perform with her on stage in front of thousands of people, um not so sure I like where this is going. I agree because I said I wouldn' hold her back, I figured that I could hide near the back no big deal right....I go to rehersal today and guess what they need 3 dads for the main character parts in the number...guess how many dads where there ...3. I am now BOND....JAMES BOND, of course the teacher was all excited about this as Carrie is also in the show as Kohl wanted to particpate so now we get to perform together, she will be playing the part of my main BOND GIRL. She has her sexy top all ready to go, I'll have to get my suit ready and catch up on my BOND posture for the show...wish me luck.

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