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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Online Phone Savings

When I found myself facing a job transfer last spring there was a lot of things that we had to look after and fast. Beyond just selling our home, finding a new one we could get into on time and the move itself. There was a lot of work, I relocated right away and my wife stayed at our old location and worked on getting the house ready for sale and meeting with real-estate, mortgage brokers and trying to close off all our loose ends and accounts in our old home. All the while she continued to care for our 4 children, getting them off to school and activities without missing a beat. We usually share the majority of the home responsibilities so it was a bit challenging at times. We found ourselves constantly on the phone back and forth trying to co-ordinate all the various things we needed to have looked after. Of course there were those moments when we just had to take a few minutes to talk to each other to keep our sanity and know this move was going to be for the best. It was challenging because it was a 7 hour drive between our to locations so visits were pretty much out of the question so all we had was the phone to keep in touch. We quickly discovered that the long distance phone bills were adding up and we needed an alternative and quick or we would rack up one tremendous bill over the course of two month. Through some research we discovered that you could purchase online phone cards and save huge amounts over what our local phone company could offer us. It was great because we were able to select the plan that worked best for us and order/pay for the card through the online site and use it right away. Once we got onto this it was fantastic as with moving the bills add up quick and with this option we were able to talk as much as we needed and not worry about a big hit in the phone bill. We survived the move and are doing great, if you think you might need a phone card you can save lots of $$$.

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