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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Real estate Investment

I have been considering purchasing some real estate as an investment and retirement plan. Normally real estate is considered a fairly safe investment with a good return on investment. I recently went to look at an apartment complex that has 8 units and would be a great starter for me. Right now I don't feel like I could manage this business so I would also be looking for a Real Property Management company to look after the day to day operations of my real estate. These companies are designed to make property management much easier as they look after all the daily things. They will look after tenant placement, credit and criminal checks on the perspective clients. They look after all the financial end of things from rent collection to financial reporting to the owner. They will even look after the eviction end of things if that is necessary. By using this type of service it can make the process that much easier to get started on and gives you some confidence that you can do what you want with your investment.

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Well putting your business under a third party management is a great idea, less hussle and wrinkles, because all you need to do is to check on their monthly report and the financial flow of your business, and you are not in charge of the management which would me you have the luxury of going out ,vacation elsewhere…. It’s a good idea.