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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Grilled Chicken for a healthy menu

I can't wait for the grilled KFC chicken to get to my area, I think it is a fantastic idea to look at making their menu healthier for their customers. Good Job KFC

TORONTO, April 21 /CNW/ - KFC Canada is thrilled to announce that
beginning this summer, customers in select markets in Canada will have the
opportunity to try the latest finger lickin' good menu item - Kentucky Grilled
In a revolutionary step forward in menu options, KFC Canada is offering
the new product to give KFC customers a variety of selections that stay true
to the great taste and quality that made KFC Canada's Original Recipe(TM)
Chicken famous.
"The introduction of Kentucky Grilled Chicken marks a significant
evolution in KFC Canada's menu," said Jeff O'Neill, President and CEO of
Priszm Income Fund. "This new product was designed to satisfy customers'
evolving tastes and I have no doubt that our customers will relish the
Kentucky Grilled Chicken's savoury blend of secret herbs and spices, grilled
to juicy perfection in our specially-designed ovens."
The new menu item will be available in test markets in Ontario and Quebec
starting this summer and is expected to be rolled-out across Canada in 2009.
Customers can enjoy Kentucky Grilled Chicken in the very same tasty ways they
currently enjoy KFC's Original Recipe(TM) Chicken - on its own, with a tasty
side, in an individual meal or with family meals and buckets. They can even
try it with KFC's Original Recipe(TM) Chicken by including both choices in
individual or family meals.
"The Kentucky Grilled Chicken is another example of our ongoing
commitment to provide our customers with a variety of menu options that
maintain the great KFC taste," added O'Neill. "This is the only grilled
chicken recipe we have tried that passes the test of being finger lickin'
good. After one bite, we are sure Colonel Harland Sanders would agree that the
fresh, marinated and perfectly grilled Kentucky Grilled Chicken is starting a
new tradition of great taste."

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