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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tips on Saving Energy

With the raising costs that are hitting all of us what can you do to reduce your energy use and try to save your money:
1: Switch your light bulbs to new CFL(compact Flourescent) bulbs, you can save up to 45% on your lighting, these bulbs cost a little more but they also last longer than regular bulbs.
2: Plan your trip so you don't back track, avoid area's that you know have traffic issues to avoid idleing, this will save you gas.
3: Unplug un-used appliances, a lot of appliances and electronics use electricity even in the off mode.
4: Turn your heater down in the winter, use a sweater.
5: Summer time keep hydrated to stay cool and use less air conditioning
6: Turn the hot water heater down in your house, you won't even notice but heating it a few degree's less can make a differance.
7: Purchase new appliances with the Energy Star Rating, these will use much less energy than your old appliances.
8: Use rechargable batteries (saves money and is better for environment)

Good Luck, let me know of any other idea's you might have.

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