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Monday, July 7, 2008

Reducing our Footprint

It took a long time but it seems as though the general public is becoming more aware of the severity of issues with the Environment. It is great to have the general public becoming more educated about green options as such but what really needs to happen is to have the Governments around the world become more serious and force industries to come up with solutions, faster to reduce emmisions, energy consumption and environmental impacts. We are seeing dramatic changes in our World today as a result of our poor management of resources. With warming climates a shrinking ice field and raising sea levels we could be on the path to disaster. It is important for everyone to become more Carbon Neutral in their thinking and use less energy and recycle as much as possible. Everyday little things we don't even think of can impact our carbon footprint. Would you even think that something as insignificant as sitting at your computer using a Search Engine would have an impact. Your impact so small but when millions of people are using the energy involved to produce the searches are added up it does actually ad to our carbon footprint on the environment. It is a challange to change our way of thinking and doing what ever small things everyday to change our environment, turn the light off a little sooner, put on a sweater and knock a couple of degrees off your thermostate, recycle that pop can instead of tossing in the trash. We all need to work together to fix our environment for tommorrow.

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