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Friday, July 11, 2008

The Quest for Victory Hair

Being a retail expert I have seen my share of interesting advertising campaigns but I have to say one of the most unique ones I have seen recently is the one created for Extreme Style by VO5 products. They have gone to the effore to creating an online game where you can go and enter a flirting competion online against other users. In the Ultimate Flirting Championship you creat and avatar and join in the fun either as a judge or a contestant, the judge asks the tough questions and the contestants have to do their best flirt to win the judges responses. Also on the side panel you can side chat to the other players also. They have also came up with the term Victory Hair which is basically lingo for the look you get after you have a passionate rendez-vous with the special someone and the look your hair will have after this time. For me Victory hair comes to a new level because we would normally start with a late night supper, after the kiddies are in bed, than if lucky we can lead off to the shower, even luckier if we both end up in their at the same time, anyway you get where I'm going, off to bed and if all the stars align, bang their you have it, "Victory Hair". What's your victory hair night look like?

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