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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Surf the Wave

While playing at the beach last night with the kids I was walking along the water's edge. The tide was just coming in and the water was a little rough and cloudy from the sand. All of a sudden something caught my eye and as I went in to get it my wife thought I was chasing sea weed for my son as he was playing with these long pieces I pulled out. No that wasn't it I chased it down and pulled it out and would you believe a $10 bill was just floating there on the beach. Now we were the only people on the beach at the time so I couldn't ask around to see if anyone lost the money. It made me wonder where it came from, how long would it have been in the water all kinds of thoughts. It was an exciting find that's for sure, the kids thought it was cool to find just sitting there. A once in a lifetime thing I would have to say.

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