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Thursday, January 29, 2009

The week in review

Well what an exciting week it was here, we spent most of last week looking for a vehicle for my wife. Since she started her job about 5 months ago I have been staying up and picking her up when she got off at 1am. It was draining on both of us and we said we would get a vehicle in March. We started looking early to narrow down our search which I would never advise looking before you are ready to buy as it will make you want it. Anyway we tried out a few vehicals but nothing seemed right for us, than we talked about it a bit more and come Torrent which my wife has liked for years but we were thinking on getting another van so we could take everyone everywhere too. Once we realized what we needed to do we found a Torrent then next day and it is now sitting in our driveway and we are both catching up on our sleep.

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