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Thursday, January 29, 2009

History buff

I can't say I was the biggest history buff through high school but as I get older I have found myself more interested in the history of our country, Continent and world. I spend a lot more of my time keeping up on world events that before I never had any interest in at all. I recently came across information about events that took place in the Soviet Union in the 1930's that I never had awareness off prior to coming in contact with this article. In the years 1932-33 there was a great famine in the agricultural areas of the Soviet Union in which the Communist government lead by the policies of Joseph Stalin basically went in and confiscated all the crops from the people and exported them for their own gain. This left the poor peasants of the area to fend for themselves with their crops stolen it was a devastating year that saw many people perish. It is estimated that between 6-8 million peasants lost their lives to this great famine. The truth we will never know due to historic records not being completely accurate from this time. There has been much debate on what to accurately call this event in time but a recent push to have it called holodomor to make it sound more like a Holocaust is currently in the works.

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