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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tip of the week

I found this artical while signing into my MSN and thought it was a very interesting read with lot's of good points to take no matter if your reading it from the Males Perspective or the Female Perspective.

There is no "normal" amount of sex, just as there is no standard set of moves that is going to work for every couple. That said, I believe that barring illness or emotional struggles, you should never go more than two weeks without sex. It can be easy to get caught in a no-sex cycle when you're stressed or feeling less than loving toward your partner. But to break the cycle, try just having sex with him!

This can be difficult for many women. Giving of our bodies seems unfair when we aren't feeling fabulous about our relationship. But by giving him some action, you'll likely jump-start your connection to each other. Sex is one of the main vehicles by which men feel close to you. When you share physical intimacy, it inspires him to be intimate in other ways.

Have you ever noticed how close and connected you feel after sex? Usually he's more affectionate and in a better mood, sometimes for days after. When women notice this they balk at how simple men are and how "all they want is sex." But sex is not just about physical release for men (though they enjoy that, too!). It's the glue that makes them feel bonded to you. Without it they often drift, feeling rejected, unattractive and disconnected.

Instead of feeling annoyed that you are somehow giving in, try seeing sex as a way to speak his "language of love." As soon as you start communicating with him in his language, he'll be more willing and able to communicate with you in yours.

Sex can rekindle your connection not just when you may be feeling frustrated with your partner but also when you are exhausted. When you've worked all day and bathed and fed the kids, then he turns to you for sex at 10pm, you're thinking, Yeah, right. But if you just start kissing and let yourself get into it, you might find that you end up enjoying yourself a lot more than you expected.

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