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Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm coming home today!

I am excited to see you all tonight, I am missing you a lot. I hope you have fun skating today, and Kohl don't forget to take you speech book to class with you today, ok!

I am hoping to be home by 7pm so I will see you all then, except Trinity as you will be at dance and Mom you will be at work.

Today's riddle might be hard for you all to figure out but that's part of the fun I guess. If one of you find the treat of the day, it is to be shared with everyone!

Look around the house and think of something that is coming up this weekend that you said you wanted to watch with me (Kohl and Trin said this so they will have a better chance) When you figure out what this go to where these things will be in the house. Peek around them and you will find a little something for you 2 each though share with everyone.

I'll see you tonight,
Love Dad,

PS, Carrie, I will have a little surprise for you tonight when you get home. :0)

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