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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

House Renovation

One fun renovation project we recently had was a put on hold for a little while that was at least until our insurance company came along and gave us the inspiration to finish it up. We had an old wood burning fireplace in our computer we had no intentions of using it but there were a number of upgrades that had to be put in place if we intended to keep our insurance policy. I came up with this idea to rip out the wood burning fireplace and replace it with a new electric fireplace, we got an awesome deal $20 for the fireplace insert as teh glass was broken in the front and the wood surround was scrap wood from my work. If I had gotton all the work done to the other fireplace I would have been over 1000.00 to get everything fixed so I thought I was doing a very economical solution, in the spring we are going to add some tile over the wood surround to finish up the look.

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